DP Shot Blasting Services

At DP Shot Blasting, our projects have ranged from commercial steel structures to oak framed buildings, playground equipment to classic cars. This has made us equally adaptable to domestic and high-end commercial settings.

The images below will take you to view examples of our metal shot blasting, timber, and stone & brickwork shot blasting projects and examples of our surface finishing:

Shot blasting, sand blasting or grit blasting

Whether we carry out shot blasting, sand blasting or grit blasting, traditional blast cleaning media has changed to synthetic media that are more sustainable and more sympathetic to natural materials.

We review the media to be used on a project-by-project basis depending on the materials and the results required. As sand, grit and shots in the traditional sense, these terms have become interchangeable.

In addition to standard shot blasting services we also offer bespoke solutions, substrate treatments and services including:

A mobile blast room

The DP Mobile Blast Room can be transported to your location and set up on site. The blast room enables us to mitigate against adverse weather conditions and can also keep your costs to a minimum by enabling us to complete room-based services on your premises.


The DP Vac-Blasting service is a bespoke adaptation, very useful for localised indoor blasting due to its ability to minimise the drift of dust and debris by capturing waste material created during the cleaning process, minimising mess and clean up time.