Shot blasting metalwork

At DP Shot Blasting we work to both the British and widely adopted Swedish Standards, finishing projects to the required BS/SA rating.

Our services have been applied to a variety of metalwork projects, examples of which can be seen below:

Shot blasting a vintage Austin Rover in Hampshire

Shot blasting enabled us to quickly and effectively remove old paint from this vintage vehicle ready for its restoration.

Blast cleaning an aluminium methane holding tank in Surrey

Using blast cleaning we removed surface contamination from these Surrey-based stainless steel tanks which could cause rusting, making them ready for use.

Blast cleaning to restore steam engine wheels in Berkshire

Blast cleaning these wheels removed all traces of old paint, ready for their restoration.

Shot blasting this Jaguar car in Berkshire

Shot blast of the surface of this car removed all old paint, dirt and rust, ready for a new coat.

Shot blast, prime and paint of this low loader in Hampshire

A blast clean of this low loader in Hampshire got the metal substrate back to its original state before we primed and painted it.