About Us

Professional shot blasting services in the South and the Home Counties

Based in South East England near Basingstoke, we carry out shot blasting services across Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, London and the Home Counties.

We’ve honed our services and our expertise through years of exposure to all kinds of fascinating and unusual projects. Just a couple of our projects you may have heard of include Charles Darwin Chapel at Down House and the Cruciform House which was featured in Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’.

Providing the perfect treatment for all your substrates

We work on all manner of substrates and surfaces and treat each one according to the outcome you’re after, so we’re confident we can find the perfect solution to get your restoration projects back to their natural beauty or perfectly prepare them for treatment.

We tailor our shot blasting services to your requirements. Whether you just want a blast clean to help you restore something to its former glory, or a specialist who can look after the entire project, we can quote for the service that you need. From a full initial site-survey, identifying the best shot blasting media to use, preparing vulnerable areas that require protection before shot blasting or vac blasting the area, right down to repainting or finishing you can be confident that we’ll quote you for the service you need.

We understand the value of your home, business and the projects your work on which is why we strive to deliver an excellent blast cleaning service and finish to each one of our customers, every time.