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Experts in taking materials back to their raw state, giving you that perfect finish

The process

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Whether you prefer to call it shot blasting, sand blasting, or grit blasting, we’ll work with most substrates;

Shot blasting steel, timber, brickwork and stone, fiberglass and plastics. We can remove rust, corrosion, dirt, watermarks, cutting marks and more, helping you get your property back to its raw state, ready for finishing.

With our specialist onsite blasting, finishing equipment and mobile blast room, we are equipped to deal with all the demands of your project.

DP Shot Blasting’s reputation as an onsite shot blasting specialist is built on consistently producing a quality blast clean and finish that helps our clients achieve the overall results they are dreaming of. Just a couple of our recent projects include Charles Darwin Chapel at Down House and the Cruciform House which you may recognise from the Channel 4’s Grand Designs

The shot blasting process

The right preparation before shot blasting is essential to achieve the perfect finish. Some clients like to carry out their own preparation, but where time is tight or if clients prefer, we are happy to carry out preparation of the area before we begin shot blasting.

Cleaning substrates using shot blasting

With conventional cleaning tools and methods, many hours can be spent cleaning and scrubbing without getting the material back to the state it needs to be to achieve the finish you’re after.

Shot blasting is a more efficient and effective way to strip materials back to their raw state and remove the marks left by use, time, and weather. You get outstanding results faster, saving time, money and often a whole lot of frustration too.

DP Shot Blasting’s experience in shot blasting means you get a professionally clean substrate without causing damage to the raw materials.
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After shot blasting – achieving the end result

Once the blast cleaning has been completed, DP Shot Blasting will treat surfaces with a variety of paint and surface applications to finish your project to an excellent standard.

Using our modern airless equipment, we can apply anything from masonry paint to epoxy and intumescent paint to extend the life, and enhance the beauty of your property.
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Working with your contractors

We’ll work around your needs and those of your contractors to carry out cleaning, ensuring minimal disruption to other trades working on the project.

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So, if you have designs on making the most of a material, whether it be timber, steel, or brickwork, contact us for more details on DP shot blasting services.

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