Timber Cleaning

Timber cleaning services by DP Shot Blasting involves the restoration and renovation of timber by removing watermarks, tannins and band-saw marks from aged and green oak. We can also remove unsightly marks and paint, bringing timber back to its former glory.

We have a vast experience of restoration projects in grade listed properties along with enhancing the finish of new green oak structures. You can see green oak building transformations here.

The Cruciform House (as seen on Grand Designs)

Shot blast of all internal timbers to remove watermarks and grime at the spectacular Cruciform House in Berkshire.

Timber cleaning of domestic oak trusses

Surface cleaning timber to remove visible tannin marks on these domestic trusses at a residential property in Berkshire.

Lantern Green Oak Cleaning

Blast cleaning of green oak timbers in this Hampshire property to remove tannin staining.

Shot blasting fire damaged timber in Berkshire

Shot blasting these fire damaged timbers in Berkshire removed the charred wood so they can be lovingly restored.

Sand blasting Oak Doors for repainting in Surrey

These doors were stripped back to wood by sand blasting, without damage to glue and structure at this property in Surrey.

Blast cleaning primary school playground equipment in Berkshire

We sand blasted this playground equipment in Berkshire to remove old paint and prepare this much-loved equipment for a fresh coat of paint and a new lease of life.