Shot blasting green oak buildings in Basingstoke

Green Oak Framed buildings are a classic, ever popular choice among home owners and builders. As a material, green oak is hard wearing, beautiful, and natural.

It’s long-lasting properties have meant Oak has been has been used in home building since tudor times. However, like all woods, green oak buildings need to be looked after to keep them in good condition.

The problem with green oak frame buildings

Over time, oak frames can become stained or discoloured. They may have water marks or cutting marks after the initial build.

However, with a material as naturally beautiful as green oak, it’s really easy to restore them back to their natural beauty by shot blasting the top layer of wood with a carefully selected blast medium that will allow the wood to retain its original character, whilst getting rid of all unsightly marks.

The difference shot blasting can make

We are specialists in blast cleaning green oak frame buildings. We know exactly what blast medium to use and how to prepare the wood for blast cleaning.  Our reputation as green oak cleaners means we are often called upon to blast clean green oak frame buildings in and around Basingstoke. Here are some examples of a few of the green oak frames we have restored to their original beauty.

Fire damaged Hampshire barn